Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot Springs and Wrecking Cars

A most interesting Friday evening.

So Rachel decided to have a little birthday shin dig at the hot springs.  We met at her place at 5 and headed down.  I asked her once where they were (i'd never been there), and she said "oh, it's just a little south of Spanish Fork."    Good deal.  So Todd and I pile in the car with Nate and follow Rachel (and some of her friends) down there.  So we pass Spanish Fork.  Then Nephi.  The Scipio.  A LITTLE PAST SPANISH FORK MY BUTT!!!!  Turns out that these hot springs are a bit south of Fillmore.

So we get there and chill in the springs for a while.  That was actually pretty fun, even though it was freeeeezing cold.

On the way home we stopped at Carl's Jr.  Yum.

Then Nate, Todd, me, and Megan ( a girl from Rachel's car) head on back and Rachel is following.  So about 15 minutes past Scipio we get a call from Rachel saying that she's crashed because of a snow bank.  (By the way, it was starting to snow pretty bad).   So we turn around a go make sure they are all ok, and they are.  But the car is totaled.  The sucky part about it is that Rachel had just gotten that car a few weeks ago because she was in a car accident and her car got totaled.  So we just chill and wait for the tow truck to show up and tow her back to Scipio.

Then we head on back up to Springville.  Disney music was the theme and we spent most of the trip home singing Disney songs.  It was a blast.

Definitely should do it again...but minus the car crunching episode.