Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Dating Game (and other thoughts)

I really hate the dating game.  It's so annoying.  Seriously, why can we have arraigned marriages?  Haha, no, that'd be bad too.  As a guy, it's my responsibility to ask the girl out, and plan what we'll do.   Here's the problem.  In order to win the dating game, you have to be more interesting, more exciting, than the other guy.

Here's how I fit in this one.

Dinner and a movie.  That's not exciting at all.  Oh  maybe at one time it was exciting, you know, like back in the 1920's when you dressed up to go to the movies.  I won't do that.  At least not on a first date anyway.  Maybe like a 4th or 5th date.  You know, at the point where you aren't even counting anymore because you are in a relationship.

Disney World.  That's super exciting!  Unfortunately, I can't afford to go to Disney World.  I have a friend on facebook, and her status usually reads something like this: "Just got back from Disney World with my boyfriend."  "My boyfriend is taking me to Las Vegas to see Blue Man Group."  Holy crap woman!  What are you going to do when the money runs out?  Find another boy with a "disposable" income?  Guys like that just make me sick.  haha, they are usually tools.

I guess i'm somewhere in the middle, probably more toward the movie side.  What do I have to offer?  Uh....well I have a nice car.  That's about it.  I'm not super rich so I can't wow girls with my money.  I'm hoping that'll change here real soon though.  As soon as I get my pilot's license my rank on the interesting and exciting scale will go up quite drastically.    Hopefully that will work for me.  

On to other thoughts.

I'm really starting to realize how annoying being a bachelor is and not having family.  No, this isn't a rant about how I wish I was married.  Let me explain what I mean.  So I live with 4 other guys here in Alaska.  They are awesome and I couldn't ask for better room mates.  But being said, we are still 4 separate guys who just happen to live in the same place.  There is no real sense of "family" in the apartment.  Everyone is super possessive of their stuff, in particularly food.  There is only one car among us.  We all work at the same place.  

So I have to pack for a couple nights cause i'm going to be out of town.  My room mate with the car has to be at work a few hours before me, so instead of dragging a suit case 2 miles down the road, I just stuck it in his car.  He confronts me about it later a little frustrated saying that he's not my taxi service.  If we have to be at work at the same time, I still have to ask for a ride to work which he may or may not grant. 

Seeing as there is only one car, shopping can be quite difficult sometimes.  I normally just keep a box of cereal and some milk in the house for food.  But seeing as I haven't had a day off in over a month I haven't had much time for shopping.  So I went to get a bowl of cereal, and realized that my milk had gone bad.  There are about 4 other gallons of milk in the fridge so I took a little.  Wow, I totally got yelled at for that one.  Little things like that keep happening all the time.

I know we are all single, but seriously, can't we still considered the apartment as a "family unit?"  Should I really have to ask if someone can take my luggage or get a ride, when it's obviously not out of the way or causes inconvenience.   Should I really have to go without food when there is plenty in the house just because I haven't been able to go shopping in a few weeks?

So in the fall, I'm going to be living with James, and Dan down in Mapleton.  We have it worked out so that we are going to get a paper route which pays pretty well and we are going to share it so that all the money we get from it is community money, like a family.  that money will go to pay the rent, utilities, and buy food.  So when I go home, I don't have to worry about who's food it is.  If it's in the house, I can eat it.  Just like a family, even though we aren't. Any other money that we make from jobs is our personal money and we can do whatever we please with that. I think that'll work out a lot better than just being a bachelor, and I think it'll be a good experience for life, seeing as the majority of the rest of my life will be in a family.

I'm excited for the fall.