Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soarin', Flying'

Back in Utah these days.  It's been fabulous.  Not near as hot as I anticipated.  Makes for wonderful convertible weather.  And coincidentally, I happen to have one.

You know what else cooler weather is good for?  Flying.  Number one reason: my airplane doesn't have air conditioning.  Number two reason: the air is denser so the airplane has a lot more performance. maybe my airplane doesn't perform quite like that.

I'm up to about 24 hours of flight time now. that means I only need about 16 more hours till I can get my license.  And i'm probably going to get about 10 hours of time next week.  I'm getting really close and it's really exciting.  After I get my license, (technically, you don't get a pilot's license.  You get an Airman Certificate.)  I'll be able to take people flying if they want to.  But before you all start flooding me with emails and Facebook posts, the first flight after I take my checkride has already been promised, and it goes to this girl.

(Why is she cleaving to a giraffe?)

After that I whoever wants to go can go.

People ask my why I like flying so much.  It's hard to explain really.  Why do people love sewing?  I'll never figure that one out. I think I love flying because it offers a sense of freedom that can't be had on the ground.  Ever look up and watch the birds soaring through the sky and just imagine how liberating it must be to get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life on the ground and just be able to fly over it?  That's how I feel.  I can look down on cities and just feel free of all the chaos.

Also, all throughout my life, I've never stood out as being someone special or different (a good type of different.  I've been looked at as the bad kind).  Being a pilot gives me an edge over most other people.  I can do something amazing that not everyone else can do.  Anyone can learn to drive a car.  It's super easy and takes almost no effort to get a driver license (that's an issue i have a problem with, but not up for discussion now).  Learning to fly is not easy.  It is demanding, and some days just down right isn't fun.  But the rewards for sticking to it are incredible.  Being a pilot gives me some bragging rights.  I can do what most people can't.  I am special.

Lastly, it's a matter of faith.  If you've ever listened to the talk by W. Cleon Skousen called The Meaning of the Atonement then you will understand what I mean by all this.  I find it truly a miracle that an airplane can even fly.  Each element in the universe has intelligence and God can command those intelligences and the obey Him.  God has spoken to all the intelligences that make up the elements of the air and has given them an order, and a pattern.  And unless He commands otherwise, they always follow that pattern.  God, in his infinite wisdom, has commanded these elements that such that when struck by an object, they shall flow around the object in as smooth a way as possible.  Without that simple command, flight would not be possible.  A wing would simply strike the air and the molecules would scatter, rendering flight impossible.  So every time I go flying, I like to look out at the wings and witness the power of God as air flows over them.  I believe God inspired the creation of the airplane to facilitate the spreading of the Gospel throughout the world.  Because of the airplane, the prophets and apostles can travel to any place in the world within a day to organize stakes, dedicate temples, and correct matters of doctrine.  In the past this was not possible and the church fell into apostasy as a result.

Truly flying is a manifestation of the hand of God.  I'm grateful that I understand how it works and can see his hand in it.

That's why I love to fly.

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