Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yeah Service!

So yesterday I was just chilling at the airport when I get a call from my friend Tyler who lives up in Tooele.  He called to tell me that there was a wedding reception at Thanksgiving Point for his wife's cousin and that she has a cousin down in Provo that needed a ride up and asked if I'd be willing to pick her up and take her.  Since I had no other plans that night I decided that this would be a great opportunity to do some service and just get out and not be bored.  Plus I'd get to see Tyler who I hadn't seen in a while.  So Tyler gives me her number and all and we arrainge that I would pick her up at 8 from her apartment.

8 rolls around and I go to pick her up.  Turns out that I actually knew who she was.  I didn't know her, but she was in the Color Guard and since I was in the band, I had seen her many times. So Kathryn (that's her name) and I drove up to Thanksgiving Point and talked all the way up.  She's actually really really cool, and cute, so this is a double plus.  Get up to the reception and they drive us down to the actual shin dig in golf carts.  It was pretty sweet.  Get there and get to see Tyler, his wife, and baby girl.  Kathryn knows Tyler pretty well too so that was awesome.  We all talked for a while, and then the party ended, but not without the bride and groom walking out in a tunnel of bubbles blown by the attendees. We couldn't leave with half full things of bubbles so we stayed around for another 10 minutes blowing bubbles at each other until we ran out.  Then we went to the parking lot and talked again about childhood memories and stuff. (Tyler and I grew up together). Then we left.  Kathryn and I had a fun time driving home too.  She was super awesome and I was really impressed with her.  I think I will probably call upon her again sometime.

That was my Saturday night.  Amazing what service can do for you.