Thursday, August 19, 2010

The People I Miss

I miss these people.  Fortunately I will be seeing them shortly (with a few exceptions).

In no particular order:

Chantel Ockerman- this girl is my best friend.  She's amazing, and crazy, and a spaziod.  That's why I love her.  Words just can not describe how incredibly awesome she is.  She has helped me through some hard times and helped me to really discover who I am.  I can't thank her enough for everything she's done for me.

Lisa Mackley- Chantel's cousin.  She's just about the same as Chantel.  So much fun to hang out with.

David Phipps- one of the coolest dudes I know.  He and I have a lot in common- pilot, politics, freakin hilarious.  David is just an all around good guy.  I'm a bit sad that he moved back to Virginia.  I guess I can forgive him. haha

Heather Lombard- aka Tinkerbell.  Heather is one of my pilot friends.  Subway runs are our almost daily ritual.  She's a blast to hang out with.  She kept a nice female balance to our guy group at school.  Heather is awesome, even though she's now a red head.

Ryan Sherry- Ryan is the married dude, but is still the man.  He's a pilot too.  Hm...pilots are just awesome.  Intelligent guy and fun to discuss ideas with.  A little bit of a geek, but that's totally awesome.  If we were all the "cool" type, life would be so incredibly boring.  It's guys like Ryan that keep life awesome and fun.

Marlena Rabago- I've known this girl the longest of everyone on here.  We met when we were in high school. She's been a great friend for many years.  I don't get to see her too often due to the fact that she goes to school at SUU, but I try whenever I can to make it down there.  Now that I can fly, I can make it down in a lot less time.  I love this girl and miss her.

Kathryn McLane- Kathryn is fun.  She's part of the hang out group and is an awesome member of it.  Kathryn was a fellow band member at BYU so I've known her ever since she showed up at BYU last year.  Hung out a few times last year, but we became good friends once Chantel got in the mix and we all started hanging out together.  Lazer tag...awesome. haha.

Julia Phipps- Julia is David's sister.  She's super fly. haha.  No, but she's way awesome.  Really fun to talk to. I don't know her too well as I met her very shortly before I left for Alaska.  But she made enough of an impression that I miss her company and can't wait to hang out with her again.

So basically, I'm just excited to get back to Utah and hang out with all my awesome friends again.  Life will be good my friends.  Life will be good.


  1. i love you tim!! this post made me so happy!! I'm so excited to see you!! we will have some crazy adventures :) we have been through some really rough times together. i'm glad we are friends.

  2. dude!!! i made your blog!!! I'm thrilled-- I don't think i've EVER made anyone's blog before!! (although there has got to be a better picture of me out there than that...)
    and we all definitely need to hang out sometime. sometime REALLY SOON!