Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's like....OH YEAH.

Can I just say that this Hotel is freakin awesome?!  So I got assigned to a tour that lasts for 7 days.  It's pretty awesome.  The people are really cool too.  My tour director, Nancy, is really cool too.  You just have to look past the fact that she's a complete spazoid.  (Did i just create a new word?  I think I did)  But the trip itinery is pretty sweet.  I got to spend two nights at the McKinley Princess Lodge.  Not a whole lot to do there except look at a freakin' huge-ass mountain.  What MPL means to me is all the free food I can eat.

After two nights there, I went and spend another two nights at the Kenai Princess Lodge.  KPL=Free food, and free tours!  So I signed up for a kayaking trip.  It was pretty fun.  We got out in kayaks and went around the lake.  Took about two hours but i had a good time.  Spent the rest of my time either eating or sleeping.  What a life.

Today on our way to Alyeska, we stopped at the Crow Creek Mine and I got to mine for gold.  And i found some!  It was pretty much one of the proudest moments of my life.  I have about $30 worth of gold.  Then to Alyeska.  Oh my heck.  This place is FANTASTIC!  I walked into my hotel room and there were chocolates on the pillow. CHOCOLATES ON THE PILLOW!  I guess that's the norm for five star hotels.  My bed is so comfy.  It's making comfy.  Oh yeah.  The only thing i'm missing tonight is a lovely woman.

At the hotel is a ski resort.  There is still lots of snow up on the top.  I went up with my group of people and played in the snow.  Snowball fights and body sledding.  It was pretty much off the hizzie.  I'm loving it.

And now for the best part.  Drum roll please......they payout!  In this trip is an included gratuity for the driver. 4 dollars per person per day.  28 people, 7 days.  The math works out to $784.  Cha Ching!

This has been the best assignment ever.  I hope i get to do it again.

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