Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goodbye, Dear Friend

So yesterday I went out to my car to go to see Inception (incredible movie, by the way) and noticed that my dear friend, iPod, had been stolen out of my car.  Just a couple things wrong with this situation.

1) My iPod was stolen.  That's inherently wrong anyway.
2) I live in Mapleton.  Come on.  It's MAPLETON!  Who does that here?
3) My car was in my garage.
4) Nothing else was stolen.  Not even my $650 aviation headset.  Nothing was stolen out of the garage either.
5) Now the world will know about some of my secret musical tastes, which i tried to keep from the world, for reputation's sake.

But to the guy who stole it, good luck trying to convince someone it's yours considering my full name is engraved on the back of it.  And don't use the "I found it" line because that's just lame, and even if you did, a decent person would try to find the owner of such a thing.  You find and keep a dollar.  Not and iPod.


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