Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vengence is MINE!!!

So, back during the summer during band camp, Skyler and this girl, Kelsey,  decided that it would be incredibly fun to toilet paper my car.  They did a pretty good job of it.  The wrapped it around everything and then tore more into little shred and filled the floor of my car with it.  I was still finding bits of it for weeks afterwards.  Anyway, I told Kelsey that I would get her back.  I would get Skyler too, but she doesn't have a car or anything that is easily accessible to vandalize. haha.  So now that its been a good 6 months or so and Kelsey's forgotten all about it, I decided it was time to get her back.  And here's a couple snapshot of the finished product.

Special thanks to the Wilson's for giving me the 15 pound roll of shrink wrap.

Completely off topic, but I think I will become a more frequent customer at the Coldstone by the dollar theater.


  1. Tim, this as a happy day for you. I am very proud of you for achieving this! I only wish I had been there to witness (participate in) the activity!

  2. I would probably kill you if you ever did that to my car. Or laugh really, really hard. Maybe both.

  3. Hahaha, I had heard the story, but its great to see the pictures!

    Note to self: Do not TP Tim's car.