Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Urban Dictionary

So someone posted this thing on facebook where you go to Urbandictionary.com and type in your first name and post the first entry as your facebook status.  I hate crap like that on Facebook, but on a blog?  Bring it on baby!

So here we go.


1. a person with a high degree of confidence. :D

2. a.k.a. mr. congeniality

whenever you are with him,you never have to worry about getting lost in a far-away place ! he can actually pop a conversation with almost all kinds of people. i guess everybody knows him!

3. means FAST, swift, agile, exhilirating
maybe because he's too skinny. ahaha:D you will be surprised with how fast he moves. his swift motions are crazy!

4. undoubtedly kind and sweet.
he makes everyone feel good and he treats everyone nicely.

5. eats absolutely more than an average teenager could ever digest. surprisingly, he never gains a pound!

6. he is simply funny and fun to be with. you will never be bored whenever you are with a 'timothy'.
just beware because at times, he can be a very very weird geek. haha.

7. smart and charismatic.
he has the traits of a great entrepreneur in the future. "timothy" will be surely rich! 

Hm...that's surprisingly accurate, minus one or two of them.

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  1. hahahaha! wow! that is too funny! i agree with 6 and 7. number 5 made me laugh the hardest! :)